about me


     Nycollas Medeiros is a Brazilian classical guitarist and electric guitar player, born in Palhoça(Santa Catarina, Brazil). Since his first contact with a musical instrument, his life has changed. Passionate about electric guitar and rock music, he realized that to pursue his musical development, studying music more seriously would be necessary. Thus, he entered the music undergraduate course of the Santa Catarina State University (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - UDESC) and in 2015 finished the course with a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar.


      In that same year, he moved to France and took part in several music projects, such as bandsand duos. His first professional opportunity was as the guitar player of the Parisian band Holbrook JM, who launched their first album The Great Riot in 2016, and presents Indie Rock at pubs and festivals throughout Europe. Nycollas is also the guitar player for the Hard Rock band No Monsters, founded in Antony, which is a city close to the French capital. As a classical guitarist, he plays with artists of World Music, such as the Brazilian musician French-Lebanese Wassim Abou-jaoude, to name a few.


   Simultaneously to the collaboration with several artists, Nycollas maintains his solo career,performing in classical guitar concerts at theaters, restaurants, hotels, and wineries. His repertoire is constituted by classic guitar and lute compositions, which embrace the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism and contemporary periods. Besides erudite works, he also presents popular songs in arrangements for solo guitar.


       Teaching has always been Nycollas’s passion and motivation to widen his technical andtheoretical knowledge. In recent years, Nycollas has worked as a teacher at music schools, public schools and as a private tutor. In Paris, he continues to work as a private tutor for classic guitar and electric guitar, teaching both on site and on the Internet.